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anubis_xx's Journal

ANUBIS -アヌビス-
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Welcome to the ANUBIS fan community. ANUBIS is a Japanese Visual Kei band and this community is dedicated to anything that concerns them, including music, scans, photos, live reviews, live schedules, translations, news, fanfiction, fanart, icons, and just about anything else that concerns the band or members of the band (including the members' past bands and past members' current bands).

♪Please keep all posts related to ANUBIS and the members of ANUBIS.
♪Please don't post entries containing negative or harmful rumours concerning ANUBIS. Also don't make rude comments to the band, members of the band, or members of the community. They will not be tolerated.
♪Please make your posts public.
♪Please don't repost anything out of the community, except for the person who posted gives specific permission.
♪Please post all large images under a cut (just don't post a huge picture in the main part of an entry).
♪Please don't hotlink any pics or graphics.
♪Please don't post and/or request any media that actually must be paid for to get it.
♪Please don't spam. Advertise only if it is related to the band.
♪Please don't post any Amembers only stuff from their blogs.
♪Please don't link to friends only journals/communities or to sites that require registration.
♪Please support the band!

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Creator: dawnjelly@LJ
Maintainers: dawnjelly黒。
All pictures taken from ANUBIS' OHP and 「MYTH」 booklet.
Journal and user info: 黒。
Used theme: Smooth Sailing
If you wanna use any graphics ask for permission FIRST!